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We are Oklahoma City's tech repair experts.

We provide on-site and remote services for your home and office.

Computer Repair Services

Logic Wrench is a locally owned small business in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We provide IT services for computers, laptops, tablets, networking, printers and much more.

Problems with your technology?

Chances are you deal with modern technology daily and it's also likely that you occasionally have problems with this technology.

Onsite and Remote Service

Unhooking your computer and bringing it in to a repair shop can be such a hassle! Fortunately we provide both onsite and remote access repair services. This means you can get your problems resolved without even leaving your home, much less dealing with cables, traffic and extended waiting! Call or email us to schedule an appointment; that's all it takes!

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Virus and Malware Removal

If your computer has been effected by malware, adware, spyware or a virus, we can thoroughly remove the infection and restore your computer's security.

Computer Tune-up

Your computer's usability can suffer if there is extraneous software and misconfigured performance settings causing it to slow down. A tune-up will cure the majority of a computer's slowness and restore it to a state more like when it was new.

Windows OS Repair

Is your windows operating system giving you errors or crashing with a blue screen? We can get to the bottom of your system's errors and repair the underlying issues.

Email Setup and Repair

Do you need to setup a new email address or configure your email client to work with your existing email address? We can address any of your email account-related needs.

Custom Computers

We can design and build a computer system to match your specific needs and budget. Whether you need a gaming machine, a home media server, or a simple internet-browsing machine, we can build you the perfect high quality machine.

iPad Repair

Is your iPad damaged? Perhaps you cracked the screen or maybe the charging port no longer works. Whatever the problem, we can fix it and make your iPad like new again.

Tablet Repair

We can diagnose and repair all brands of tablets. Broken screens, failing charging, audio and data ports, power buttons, batteries and more. We can give you a free quote over the phone.

Phone Repair

In addition to computers and tablets, we can also repair your phone. Broken screens are the most common repair, but we can also replace charging ports, root the operating system and more.

Home and Office Networking

Our skilled networking technicians can manage every aspect of your network. Structured cabling, setting up wifi, diagnosing network/internet connection issues, setting up file and print sharing and more.

Data Backup and Recovery

Whether you need help recovering data from a failed drive or setting up a preventative backup solution, we understand that your data is important and we can help you ensure that nothing gets lost.

One-on-One Tutoring

Our patient and knowledgeable technicians can sit and teach you whatever you need to know about your computer, network, phone, tablet or other technology. Tutoring rates are hourly, with discounts for longer durations. Tutoring sessions can take place both onsite and remotely on the phone.

Password Recovery and Removal

If you have forgotten the password to your computer or other account, we can assist you in regaining access.

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