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Remote Repair Services

We can diagnose and repair your computer instantly through the internet.

1. Connect

Once you have granted permission, our technician will securely connect to your computer.

You get to watch everything the technician does on your screen, and you still have complete control over your computer.

2. Diagnose

Our technician will diagnose and discuss the problem with you, then explain the course of action required to resolve the issue.

If the technician anticipates that the repair will cost more than originally quoted, they will get your approval to continue.

3. Repair

The technician will not only fix your problem, but also take any steps necessary to help ensure your computer remains healthy and secure.

Once the work is complete and you are satisfied with the repair, the technician will then collect payment.

Remote repairs start at just $39

Contact us today for your remote service.

  • American technicians that are friendly and skilled.
  • Very fast resolution without even leaving your home.
  • The most affordable repair option.
  • Remote access over a secure connection.
  • You don’t pay unless we can fix your problem.
  • You retain absolute control over your computer.
  • We cannot access your computer again without your explicit permission.